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Heritage School Academic OverviewHeritage provides a rich curriculum reflecting Christian values. We support our students by selecting the very best quality of materials and inspirational ideas, on which our students spend their time. While we rely on methods and materials that have proven themselves over time, we also recognize that new advancements in cognitive science are being made all the time, particularly in the area of learning differences. In the same way that something that is old doesn’t necessarily guarantee excellence, neither does something new. Heritage has a discriminating standard for all our methods and curriculum. We offer evidence-based methods and curriculum that reflect the latest science in the remediation and treatment of learning differences. Our program goes through an additional screening in that we remediate in a distinctively Christian way.

We meet each student where they are. Through flexible grouping, we allow each student to go as fast as they are able, but as slow as they must. That means students may be on or above grade level in some areas, and below grade level in others. Our program is designed to capitalize on a student’s strengths, while remediating their weaknesses. It is our aim to help each student transition back into a mainstream educational environment as soon as they are ready.

In parallel, our approach is to be holistic in nature by educating the 'whole' child. This is attained by teaching them good habits at an early age in order to lay a firm foundation, which will dovetail into future academic and professional habits. This will ultimately equip them for life.

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Congregation Shearith Israel
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Heritage School of Texas
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