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Heritage reading curriculumWe use a combination of various decoding programs that are matched to each child's needs. Every child at Heritage receives a portion of instruction from a Certified Academic Language Therapist, and is provided with a balanced program that teaches systematic, explicit phonics, integrated spelling, sight words, fluency, and vocabulary development. We use materials provided through Neuhaus Education Center and other language materials that have a proven track record of success. Our teachers engage in multi-sensory best practices to ensure each child is taught through visual, auditory, and kinesthetic methods of instruction.

Reading comprehension is taught through a variety of curricular resources and strategies. Skills taught are supported through additional practice and instruction that requires the student to apply those skills in other contexts. Students in need of extra metacognitive remediation receive instruction from a Certified Academic Language Therapist, who draws from clinical Academic Language materials.  All chosen materials target the individual needs of the student.



Heritage uses Saxon Math across grade levels as the foundational math program.   Saxon implements a spiraled approach to learning, which consistently reviews learned skills in order to achieve mastery.    The program aims for mastery and automaticity at the end of each term.   We do not wait for skills to be mastered before moving on to the next concept.   Consistent, ongoing review of skills in real-world contexts proves to be the most effective way to build mathematical understanding and fluency.  For more information on Saxon Math, Click Here.

In addition to Saxon, Heritage implements a variety of other methods to give students multi-sensory and hands-on learning opportunities.  We use manipulatives, visual tools, technology resources, and supplemental curriculum to reinforce learned skills.    Some of these methods include Marcy Cook Math Tiles for concept review, Creative Mathematics Games and Resources, and Hands-On Equations.   Hands-on Equations is an interactive “game-like” program that introduces students beginning in Class 2 to the world of algebra.   Students develop an understanding of the “variable”, in addition to “balancing equations” in the elementary years, in order to prepare them for the demands of Middle School and High School mathematics.   Heritage also uses easycbm mathematical benchmarking to measure progress.   The combination of these methods of instruction and assessment provide a well-rounded, and challenging math experience for the students. 




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